Project Archive

4PeaceAn Annual Peace-Camp in AustriaAustriaConflict Resolution2003 - 2017A week-long peace camp for youth about bridge building which brings Israeli-Arabs, Israeli-Jews, Austrians, Hungarians and refugees together to build up understanding for each other.
Aflatoun InternationalSocial Financial Education in LebanonLebanonSocial Mobility2017 - 2019Providing 1600+ vulnerable Lebanese children and Syrian refugees with social financial education, helping them to break away from and/or avoid getting trapped within the cycle of poverty.
Akademie der Bildenden KünsteGallery RenovationAustriaEducation2007, 2010The renovation of the Academy of Fine Arts' painting gallery in Vienna.
Akogo? FoundationWe Wake Up to LifePolandHealthcare2017An intensive rehabilitation programme for patients with severe brain damage which are in states of coma, through which the chances of the patients waking up is improved.
Alpine Peace CrossingMore4RefugeesAustriaMigration & Integration2016Financing travel costs and study material for refugees attending a special program at the University of Salzburg.
Alpine Peace CrossingWiener LerntafelAustriaMigration & Integration2016The sponsoring of 30 refugee children to benefit from the tutoring program and helping their families with the integration process.
Alpine Peace CrossingRefugee Family ReunificationAustriaSocial Welfare2015A project bringing families which have lost contact through the refugee crisis, back together.
Alpine Peace CrossingGerman Language Courses for Asylum SeekersAustriaMigration & Integration2017Supporting the integration of refugees by sponsoring a large portion of German course fees at VHS Salzburg.
Alpine Peace CrossingWir GebenAustriaSocial Welfare2017 - 2018Connecting a need for material donations with a need for apartments and workplaces for refugees, migrants and other fringe groups through an online platform.
Alpine Peace CrossingHIKETIDESAustriaMigration & Integration 2018Enabling the intercultural psychotherapeutic treatment of asylum seekers with flight experiences in the Austrian province of Salzburg.
AmaliahBus of AngelsSyria and IsraelHealthcare2017Transporting mainly Syrian women and children from over twenty villages around Quneitra in Southern Syria to hospital clinics in Israel for urgent medical care.
Amy Biehl FoundationHelp for Street ChildrenSouth AfricaSocial Welfare2007 - 2008Helping to keep impoverished children off of the streets in South Africa.
Arghosha Schools
Schools for Impoverished Regions in AfghanistanAfghanistanEducation2007 - 2018The building and renovation of schools in remote and disadvantaged areas of Afghanistan.
Association Al KawtarSocial Enterprise for Disabled WomenMoroccoSocial Welfare2006 - 2013A non-profit day care centre and embroidery workshop for disabled women in Marrakesh.
Association ElijaEducation Centre for Roma FamiliesRomaniaHealthcare2016Providing kitchen equipment for the new education centre for Roma, "Stella Matutina", located in a village in Transylvania.
Association KoutoubiaMobility Equipment Repair CentreMoroccoSocial Welfare2004 - 2005A mobility equipment service centre for the disabled in Marrakesh.
Austrian National Committee of UN WomenEmpowerment of Women and Girls in the Za'atari Refugee Camp JordanSocial Welfare2017 - 2018Provision of a safe zone within the Za'atari camp for women and girls, where they have possibilities in education and the generation of income.
Bharatha Sakthi TrustMedical Services for the PoorIndiaHealthcare2005The building of a small hospital to provide free medical care to destitute children and villagers.
Bibliothek SamedanLibrary EquipmentSwitzerlandEducation2005, 2011The provision of furniture and supplies for the new library location.
BLPP im Maimonides ZentrumPsychotherapy TrainingAustriaHealthcare2010 - 2017A special training programme in geriatric psychotherapy.
Brown UniversityFellowship ProgrammeUSAEducation2012 - 2015A fellowship programme at the University.
Bruno Kreisky ForumBook ProjectAustriaBridge Building1999The publishing of results and experiences of "New Generations - Crossing Borders" participants in a documentary volume.
Bruno Kreisky ForumDisOrientationAustriaBridge Building2002A conference on Women's movements in the Arab world.
Bruno Kreisky ForumNew Generations - Crossing BordersAustriaBridge Building1994 - 2000A group of young Palestinians, Israelis, Jordanians and Austrians meeting in order to overcome stereotypes, and to gain skills in conflict resolution and leadership.
Bruno Kreisky ForumWomen for CyprusAustriaBridge Building2002Support for Cyprus women in finding a peaceful and viable political solution for the island.
Bruno Kreisky Forum for International DialogueBruno Kreisky Lecture SeriesAustriaMigration & Integration2002 - 2019A lecture series discussing various topics surrounding bridge-building, peace promotion and integration.
Bäuerinnen- u. HaushaltungsschuleRestoration and RefurbishmentSwitzerlandEducation1999The restoration and refurbishment of the school.
CapacityCapacity Mentoring ProgrammeSwitzerlandMigration & Integration2018A project which offers refugees and migrants mentoring in entrepreneurship, social projects and job seeking in Zurich.
Caritas AustriaBuddy-Integration ProgrammeAustriaMigration & Integration2017 - 2018A buddy programme connecting refugees who have landed in Austria with Austrian volunteers thereby helping and accelerating the integration of Refugees into Austrian society.
Caritas OberösterreichOperations and Rehabilitation for Children with treatable Physical DisabilitiesDemocratic Republic of the CongoHealthcare2017 - 2018Helping to give physically disabled children a possibility at living a normal life through means of eye, otolaryngological and orthopaedic surgeries.
Caritas SchweizSocial Services for Refugees in GreeceGreeceMigration & Integration2018Helping refugees in Greece learn to secure basic services and make their lives more independent, thereby relieving the burden on Greek social services.
CDR/BOKUOrganic Agriculture TrainingUgandaEducation2009, 2011 - 2014An international training programme focused on organic agriculture.
CDR/BOKUComposting EducationEthiopiaEducation2009, 2011 - 2014A composting education programme in Addis Ababa.
CDR/BOKUWomen in AgricultureBangladeshEducation2011 - 2014Working at giving women a more significant role in agriculture in Bangladesh.
Central Institute for Mental HealthState of the Art Time-Out Room for Mentally Ill ChildrenGermanyEducation2016Funding the addition of a time-out/retreat room in a home for children suffering with mental illness in order to deescalate situations as well as to relax clients.
Centre for Jewish-Arab EducationBridge-Building for Jews and ArabsIsraelBridge Building2001 - 2002A bridge-building project for Jews and Arabs in Jerusalem.
Combatants for PeaceIntercultural Network for PeaceIsraelBridge Building2010 - 2012A growing network of Palestinians and Israelis working non-violently towards peace.
Concordia SozialprojekteBaker Training ProgrammeRomaniaEducation2015A baking apprenticeship programme for Roma people struggling against poverty.
Debra AustriaEB Research and TreatmentAustriaHealthcare2005 - 2009, 2011 - 2013A centre dedicated to the treatment and research of epidermolysis bullosa (EB).
Diakonie Flüchtlingsdienst gem. GmbHSozialmedizinische BeratungsstelleAustriaHealthcare2018Social-medicine counselling centre for chronically ill people in the public healthcare system, Vienna.
Die Möwe"Erlebniswoche" IntensivgruppentherapieAustriaHealthcare2017An intensive week-long group-therapy project for children between the ages of 8 and 12 with experiences of phycological, physical or sexual abuse. The primary goal of this therapy is to improve resilience and social-emotional competences.
Diplomatic Academy of ViennaTraining Programme for Master StudentsAustriaConflict Resolution2015 - 2017Executive training programme in European and international affairs for master students from Israel and Palestine in the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna.
Doctors without BordersGeospatial Information ServicesWorldwideApplied Development 2011 - 2018Helping to fund the development of geospatial services through the Department of Geoinformatics at the University of Salzburg, which provide key information to emergency areas where MSF is working (mainly in Africa).
Education for LifeIntegration EducationIsraelBridge Building1999The promotion and development of caring connections within and between Israeli and Palestinian society in schools.
Equal Education FundUgandaKidsUgandaEducation2017Offering a good quality primary school education to children from families that cannot afford the state school tuition.
Exil ArteExiled Musician Works DatabaseAustriaEducation2015The creation of a database of Austrian exiled musicians and their work.
Festival d'Aix en ProvenceMusic EducationMoroccoEducation2012A project in music education in 4 different cities in Morocco.
Frauenhaus GraubündenSecurity for Women's ShelterSwitzerlandSocial Welfare2015The provision of security doors for the new women's shelter location in Chur.
Funds for Bosnia and HerzegowinaReconciliation and IntegrationBosnia and HerzegovinaBridge Building2000Working towards the reconciliation and integration of the different ethnic groups in the area and the alleviation of war victims' suffering.
Gemeinsam - Initiative Interkulturelle ArbeitNightingaleAustriaEducation2017Support for students between the ages of 8 and 12 with a mother tongue other than German in need of German-language support in Vienna, Graz and Salzburg.
Godolphin & Latymer SchoolSchool BursaryUKEducation2010 - 2017A bursary for students without the financial means to attend the school.
Grow TogetherSupport for Impoverished FamiliesAustriaSocial Welfare2012A support programme for young families from underprivileged backgrounds.
Habito E.V.Gemeinschaftlich Wohnen in SchwetzingenGermanyAccessibility2018The construction of a community housing project in which eight young adults with mental and / or physical disabilities will be able to live without barriers.
Hadassah Medical OrganisationEin Karem Interpreting ProgrammeIsraelHealthcare2010 - 2018Improving the quality of paediatric health care delivery by removing language barriers through use of Arabic speaking medical translators in Jerusalem.
Hadassah Medical OrganisationMt. Scopus Interpreting ProgrammeIsraelSocial Mobility2007 - 2019Improving the quality of paediatric health care delivery by removing language barriers through use of Arabic speaking medical translators in Jerusalem.
Hadassah Medical OrganisationMarrow Donor Registry for People of Arabic OriginIsraelHealthcare2008 - 2018Enlargement of the Unrelated Bone Marrow/Stem Cell Donor Registry and continued recruitment of potential unrelated bone marrow/stem cell donors from the regional Arab population.
Hadassah Medical OrganisationNovel Genomic TechnologiesIsraelHealthcare2012 - 2017Implementing genetic services for the Palestinian population.
Hadassah Medical OrganisationART-Joy-LoveEthiopia/Uganda Healthcare2007 - 2017A multidisciplinary approach to caring for orphaned children with HIV/AIDS in Uganda and Ethiopia.
Hand in HandIntercultural EducationIsraelBridge Building2004 - 2006, 2010The provision of school computers in Jewish-Arab schools, and support for Jewish and Arab families with children attending them.
Harvard UniversityFellowship Programme USAEducation2010 - 2011A fellowship programme at the University.
Haver Educational OrganizationEducational Activities in Schools Outside of BudapestHungaryEducation2016 - 2017Working to combat prejudice and discrimination against Jews and to promote social cohesion through dialogue, training, education and advocacy.
Hebrew UniversityScholarships for Palestinian StudentsIsraelEducation2000 - 2001Enabling Palestinian computer science and applied mathematics students to study at the Hebrew University.
Hilfswerk InternationalBack to School Programme for Refugee ChildrenLebanonEducation2016 - 2017Providing 700 Syrian refugee children/youth and vulnerable host community children/youth in Lebanon with access to quality education in a safe learning environment.
Hilfswerk NiederösterreichSupport for Children with Learning DisabilitiesAustriaEducation2017A project offering learning support for children with learning disabilities between the ages of 6 and 12 in the area of Hollabrunn.
Holbeinhof Retirement HomeRenovation and RefurbishmentSwitzerlandSocial Welfare2012, 2012 - 2016Renovation of the common living area to help improve the clients' quality of life.
Hommes de ParoleImams and Rabbis for PeaceSwitzerlandHealthcare2008, 2006A world congress of Imams and Rabbis for peace.
Hospital OberengadinEquipping the New Paediatric DepartmentSwitzerlandHealthcare2016 - 2017Installation of a new paediatric department at the main hospital in the area of Oberengadin.
Humanity CrewPsychosocial Support & Cultural Mediation for RefugeesGreeceMigration & Integration2018 - 2019Provision of psycho-social and mental health support as well as cultural mediation to refugees and service providers in Athens.
Iamaneh SwitzerlandSupport and Empowerment for Street Children and their FamiliesBosnia and HerzegovinaSocial Welfare2017Helping to improve the general psychosocial situation of street kids in Tuzla, as well as giving them protection against abuse and exploitation.
IAMNEHTherapy for the War-TraumatisedBosnia and HerzegovinaHealthcare2009 - 2012, 2015The provision of therapy to those women and children traumatised by the war.
il pomo d'oroMusical Education for Refugee ChildrenGreeceEducation2017A group working with El Sistema Greece, offering musical education to refugee children.
Institut Für Inklusive BildungProjekt Inklusive Bildung ÖsterreichAustriaHealthcare2018The pilot year of a project centred on the training of 12 persons with so-called mental disabilities as education specialists.
Interkulturelles FoyerReplacement of Defective FacilitiesSwitzerlandSocial Welfare2016Providing a community centre in Basel with new chairs and lamps.
International Montessori PreschoolChild DevelopmentAustriaEducation1999The organisation of an informative art exhibition representing the different stages of child development.
International Organisation for Migration (IOM)FAB - Fostering Across BordersAustria, Belgium, Greece, Luxembourg, Poland and the United KingdomMigration & Integration2019Improving and expanding the quality of family-based care for unaccompanied migrant children.
International Research Centre for Social Ethics SalzburgLernen mach SchuleAustriaMigration & Integration2017 - 2018In this project, students from the University of Salzburg give much-needed academic support to and act as role-models for children and youth from socially disadvantaged families , thereby helping to stop the downward spiral into poverty.
InterSOS Humanitarian OrganisationAnswer to Migrant Exploitation: Mobile Primary Healthcare and Global Health in Southern ItalyItalySocial Mobility2018This project aims to guarantee migrant workers a higher accessibility to public healthcare and to improve its quality through means of Mobile Health Clinic.
Israelitische Gemeinde BaselCommunity Centre RestorationSwitzerlandSocial Welfare1995The restoration and expansion of a Jewish community centre.
Jayyous Youth ClubNew LibraryPalestineEducation2013The establishment of a school library for the girl's school in the Jayyous community in the West Bank.
Jehuda Halevi Community CentreIntercultural Art ProgrammesAustriaBridge Building2000 - 2002The organisation of music, theatre and dance classes for children and young people of various ethnic, religious, social and cultural backgrounds.
Jewish Pedagogical CenterKindergarten for Financially Disadvantaged Jewish ChildrenAustriaEducation2009 - 2018Sponsoring Jewish children from less privileged backgrounds to attend this Jewish kindergarten in Vienna.
Johns HopkinsLow Vision ResearchUSAHealthcare2009A study in low vision collaborative orientation and mobility.
Johns HopkinsRehabilitation ProgrammeUSAEducation2012The development of a paediatric low vision rehabilitation programme at the Wilmer Eye Institute.
Jüdisches Museum HohenemsExhibition at Jewish MuseumAustriaEducation2006, 2012, 2015The development of a part of the permanent exhibition at the Jewish museum in Hohenems.
Kaukasischer Frauenrat (Previously Tschetschenischer Frauenrat)Counselling Program for Chechen WomenAustriaSocial Welfare2016 - 2018A programme in Vienna which offers female refugees from the Caucasus regions social assistance.
Kenya KidsSchool Bus AcquisitionKenyaSocial Welfare2009The acquisition of a school bus for Amadeus Children's Home and School.
KIBE: Kinderbetreuung EngadinAffordable ChildcareSwitzerlandSocial Welfare1993, 1995The provision of low cost, high quality childcare for single parents or families in which both parents are forced to work in Engadin.
Kid's FestivalFilm Festival for PeaceBosnia and HerzegovinaBridge Building2010, 2005A film festival for youth used as a neutral platform to promote peace in the region.
KinderdirekthilfeFellowship ProgrammesColombiaEducation2012The implementation of university fellowship programmes for underprivileged youth in Colombia.
KindernothilfeProtection and Help for Children in EmergenciesLebanonHealthcare2016 - 2017Preparing a path to education for 1,250 out of school Syrian refugee children age 5-14 in Chouf district by providing educational and psycho-social support from July 2015 to December 2017; providing 1,300 vulnerable households with protection referrals, awareness sessions, and case management; providing 125 women with vocational training; increasing access to Formal and non-formal education and NFE for 400 children.
Kindernothilfe ÖsterreichSupport for Children with HIV/AIDSMalawiHealthcare2010 - 2011The provision of care for children affected by HIV/AIDS and support for their communities and families in Malawi.
KIWOZIYouth-Home RenovationAustriaSocial Welfare2011The renovation of shared housing for children and youth.
Knabenkantorei BaselEnabling Underprivileged Children to Partake in the Famous Boys ChoirSwitzerlandSocial Welfare2008 - 2011, 2015 - 2017Providing the choir program costs for talented boys that cannot afford it, making it available to everyone.
Krebsmedikamente for GazaCancer MedicationPalestineHealthcare2008The provision of access to medicine for cancer patients in the Gaza Strip.
LetPackSupport for the Mentally IllSwitzerlandHealthcare2008 - 2010A cooperative supporting people with mental illness in Basel.
Licht für die WeltEye Clinic ReconstructionSudanHealthcare2016 - 2017The reconstruction of a bombed eye clinic in Sudan.
Licht für die WeltRehabilitation ProgrammeHaitiHealthcare2011 - 2012The development of a care and rehabilitation programme for people with impaired vision.
Licht für die WeltEye Hospital ConstructionEthiopiaHealthcare2015The building of an eye hospital in Gondar.
Light for the World InternationalDisability Mainstreaming Through Community Based RehabilitationEthiopiaAccessibility2018Facilitating social inclusion for persons with disabilities through the provision of medical, educational, psycho-social and livelihood rehabilitation services, while supporting disability mainstreaming in Arsi, Ambo, and Woliso, Ethiopia from 2016-2018.
Lions Vision ResearchVision Aid SupportUSAHealthcare1996Helping patients with impaired vision to find their perfect vision aid before having to purchase it.
LYSOs GardenMini-Bus PurchaseGreeceAccessibility2019The purchasing of a (second hand) mini bus for more economical transport of the apprentices to and from the workspace.
Magica ClemeHolidays for Children with CancerItalySocial Welfare2008 - 2010The funding of field-trips for children living with cancer.
Maimonides ZentrumAdditional Care at the Jewish Retirement HomeAustriaSocial Welfare2014 - 2018Implementation of additional therapy programs and palliative care at this care-centre for the some of the last Holocaust survivors in Vienna.
Maimonides ZentrumGuidance System DevelopmentAustriaSocial Welfare2008 - 2009The design of a guidance system for the senior care centre.
Medical University of ViennaPaediatric ResearchAustriaHealthcare2007 - 2008, 2010 - 2011Two research projects in the paediatric department of the Medical University of Vienna.
MEDU - Medici per i Diritti UmaniMobile Outreach for Access to Health, Social and Psychosocial Care for Refugees and Asylum SeekersItalySocial Mobility2018 - 2019The operation of a mobile clinic in Rome which provides healthcare and promotes access to social and health services for people living in conditions of exclusion and/or exploitation.
Menschen für MenschenEmergency Relief for Drought Affected People in EthiopiaEthiopiaSocial Welfare2016Providing over 2000 people in draught afflicted areas of Ethiopia with water and food for one month.
Metabolic Diseases CenterMetabolic Disease CareIsraelHealthcare2009, 2011 - 2015A health centre for people with metabolic diseases in the West Bank.
METAdrasiTransit Accommodation Facility for Unaccompanied Minors on Chios IslandGreeceMigration & Integration2019Providing safe shelter and holistic, personalized care services to unaccompanied children on the island of Chios who are otherwise unprotected or on the streets.
Misgav Ladach HospitalHealthy Baby DeliveriesIsraelHealthcare1991 - 1999Helping Palestinian women cover the costs associated with delivering their babies in the hospital.
Mittel- u. TourismusfachschulePolytechnic RefurbishmentSwitzerlandEducation1993The refurbishment of the Samedan Polytechnic for Tourism.
Musikhochschule OberengadinPiano for Music SchoolSwitzerlandEducation1995The provision of a Bechstein Grand Piano for the music school.
Muslim Jewish AgencyFostering Mutually Supportive Relations Between Jews and MuslimsAustriaConflict Resolution2016 - 2018Supporting the set-up of a permanent office for the global grassroots organisation based on a simple premise: it is time for Jews and Muslims to stop talking about each other and to start talking to each other.
National Palestinian Blood BankPalestinian Blood Transfusion ServiceIsraelHealthcare1999, 2002 - 2007The establishment of a centralised national blood transfusion service for the Palestinian autonomy.
Navigator Film Produktion & Co. KGDocumentary Film "The Remains"AustriaMigration & Integration2017A documentary film covering the issues that never appear in the reports on the refugee crisis: What happens to the dead bodies that are recovered from the sea? Who takes care of their bereaved families and who helps the families to find their missing relatives?
Neue MädchenkantoreiGirls' ChoirSwitzerlandEducation1996 - 2000, 2004 - 2007Helping towards the running costs of the girls' choir and music school in Basel.
Neue Welt FondsIntegration ProgrammeAustriaSocial Welfare1995 - 1998, 2000An integration programme for Jewish immigrants from the former Soviet Union in Vienna.
Niagara Children’s CentreChildren’s RehabilitationCanadaAccessibility2018The purchasing of a point of care ultrasound unit and financing of pool renovations for the spasticity clinic.
Nyitnikek Nursery SchoolOutdoor Playground ProjectHungaryHealthcare2018Building an outdoor playground tailored to the needs of pre-schoolers at Nyitnikek nursery school.
ODGEDERWelcoming SchoolsTurkeyEducation2017 - 2018A summer school language preparation project in Istanbul aiming at improving child-refugees Turkish language levels in order to give them a better chance to succeed in Turkish schools and society.
Omariya SchoolSchool Renovation and ModernisationIsraelEducation1992 - 1994The renovation and modernisation of the Omariya Elementary School in Jerusalem.
OneFoundation for Niagara Health SystemExtended Care Unit - Encore Bed UpgradeCanadaHealthcare2017Outfitting the extended care unit of the Welland Hospital with new hospital beds, thereby improving the quality of care.
Organisation Internationale DianovaLanguage and Training Courses to Integrate Vulnerable Young People, Migrants and RefugeesItalyMigration & Integration2018 - 2019Provision of job-oriented training courses to 30 young migrants, refugees and underprivileged teenagers sent to Dianova residential facilities by the civil and criminal justice system.
Pamoja LeoHolistic Child’s Rights Based Approach to Caring for the Most Vulnerable Children in TangaTanzaniaHealthcare2017Helping orphaned and other vulnerable children realise their rights as well providing them with the skills they need to live a self-determined and fulfilling life.
Pathstone FoundationMending Children's MindsCanadaHealthcare2017The building of a state of the art mental health facility for children in the Niagara region of eastern Canada.
POCOMARProviding Equipment to Rescue VolunteersCanadaHealthcare2016Providing new equipment and boats to POCOMAR, a group of 46 volunteers providing a rescue service on Lake Erie.
Port Colborne High SchoolStudent Health and PerformanceCanadaHealthcare2012The encouragement physical activity for at-risk students to promote good health and academic performance.
Pro InfirmisIntegrated TheatreSwitzerlandSocial Welfare2004 - 2006An integrated theatre project for people both with and without mental handicaps.
Psychosoziales Forum ESRAMedical Services for ImmigrantsAustriaHealthcare2008 - 2009The provision of medical services for immigrants which are not yet covered by the social system.
Psychosoziales Zentrum ESRAEmergency FundAustriaSocial Welfare2011 - 2017Providing an emergency fund for people without access to the Austrian public health system.
PWWSD: Education Sponsorship for Palestinian GirlsSupport for Palestinian GirlsIsraelSocial Welfare2001 - 2002Helping underprivileged women improve their status in Palestinian society.
Rabbis for Human RightsPalestinian Farmer Access to Olive CropsIsraelBridge Building2006 - 2017A program working to help Palestinian farmers gain access to their land during the olive season.
Red Cross SwitzerlandLearning House for Migrant Children and YouthSwitzerlandMigration & Integration2018A "safe space" for disadvantaged migrant children and youth with the goal of increasing language and educational skills and fostering positive social development.
Refugee GrantsVarious Grassroots Refugee ProjectsGreece/FranceMigration & Integration2016Funding of 20 different projects for Refugees between Greece and France.
Rehabilitätszentrum EderhofOrgan Transplant Patient RehabilitationIsraelHealthcare1992The conversion of an old farmhouse in Lienz into a rehabilitation centre for children and youth after organ transplants.
Rock gegen Hass; Openair LengnauRock Against RacismSwitzerlandPeace Building1994A Rock Festival committed to fighting racism and promoting tolerance in Switzerland.
Ronald Mcdonald House Charities South Central OntarioMeals that HealCanadaAccessibility2018Expanding meal accessibility for families of seriously ill children.
Rotary Service Trust UdaipurHousing for Boarding StudentsIndiaEducation2008, 2010The construction of a boarding house for students attending school from outside of Rajasthan.
S.ANK Verein SchweizBike Repair CentreNamibiaSocial Welfare2008, 2010The construction of a bicycle repair and workshop.
Salk InstituteAIDS ResearchUSAHealthcare1991An institute for AIDS research.
School Orchards Africa SocietyWater for LifeTanzaniaSocial Welfare2017 - 2018Drilling water wells for rural Tanzanian schools in support of the organisation's main objective of enabling the students of these schools to intake more nutrition through a greater variety of food.
SEFY InternationalSolar Academy in Lebanon (SAIL)LebanonSocial Mobility2019The academy will provide technical education toward certification in sustainable energy installations, an economic activity which is already in high demand and for which skilled labour is in shortage.
Seniorenzentrum RigahausSenior CentreSwitzerlandSocial Welfare2009 - 2010The Rigahaus senior care centre in Chur.
Sir Peter Ustinov InstitutEliminating PrejudiceAustriaEducation2014 - 2015An initiative which fights prejudice in society.
Sir Peter Ustinov InstitutMein Leben ist bunt!AustriaMigration & Integration2018The development of teaching aids for elementary educators with the aim of promoting integration through developing skills in dealing with diversity amongst children, parents and caregivers.
Sky SchoolSocial Entrepreneurship for Peace-buildingJordanMigration & Integration2018 - 2019The design and implementation of a ten week course on social entrepreneurship with a focus on peacebuilding for urban refugees and disadvantaged youth between the ages of 16 and 25.
Solidar SuisseShelter ProjectLebanonSocial Welfare2017 - 2018Responding to the strains on public infrastructure in Lebanon due to the influx of refugees by increasing the number of available and affordable shelter opportunities by 159 units, benefiting 975 people directly and 195 Lebanese building owners indirectly.
Sosijn V.O.F.Furnishing of the New Care CentreThe NetherlandsAccessibility2018Furnishing of the new location for 24/7 care of severely disabled children.
Spital Oberengadin SamedanHospital Renovation and ModernisationSwitzerlandHealthcare1991, 1996, 2000, 2003 - 2004, 2009 - 2014The renovation and modernisation of the emergency rooms in the Oberengadin hospital.
St. John's Eye HospitalEye Care for the Gaza StripPalestineHealthcare2016The provision of charitable eye-care from the only eye hospital in the Gaza Strip.
Starkids FoundationBali OrphanageIndonesiaSocial Welfare2010 - 2011An orphanage in Bali focusing on giving street children a chance at a decent education.
Stiftung Alexander BellCommunication Services for the Deaf SwitzerlandSocial Welfare2007 - 2009, 2011 - 2012The provision of internet and telephone services for the deaf in Switzerland.
Stiftung Communio et ProgressioAction Against Worldwide ChallengesSwitzerlandPeace Building1995An international forum for the discussion of and action against worldwide challenges to justice, environment and peace.
Stiftung Hoffnung für Menschen in NotSchweizer TafelSwitzerlandSocial Welfare2017Support for the initiative which collects excess food from supermarkets and producers and distributes it free of cost to the needy throughout Switzerland.
Stiftung Kind und FamilieSupport for Handicapped ChildrenSwitzerlandSocial Welfare2012, 2015An organisation supporting handicapped children and their families.
Stiftung pro REHAB BaselNew Healthcare BedsSwitzerlandHealthcare2017The provision of new healthcare beds for this neurorehabilitation and paraplegic clinic in Basel.
Stiftung RehabNerve Damage Rehabilitation CentreSwitzerlandHealthcare2011, 2015The acquisition of an uroscope for a rehab centre for paralysed and brain damaged patients in Basel.
Stiftung" Zugang für alle"Professional Computer Training ProgrammeSwitzerlandEducation2012The provision of a professional computer training programme for youth with disabilities.
Teach for AustriaHelp for Students and Teachers at Socially Disadvantaged Schools AustriaEducation2017A training programme for teachers in socially disadvantaged school to help give their students the tools they need to live a self-determined and fulfilling life.
Teach for AustriaTeach For Austria Horizons - Perspectives after Compulsory SchoolAustriaSocial Mobility2018A programme designed to help enable young people to continue into further education after compulsory education and to encourage them to do so.
Terre des Hommes AlsaceFurnishing of the New Solidarity ShopFranceSocial Welfare2017Providing funds for the interior design of the solidarity shop, where people with financial and social disadvantages or special needs can get clothes either for free or for minimal prices.
The Jezreel Valley Center for the ArtsMulticultural String OrchestraIsraelPeace Building2011, 2013An Israeli multicultural string orchestra and their participation in an international music festival in Vienna.
The Kidstime FoundationMental Health in SchoolUKSocial Welfare2012 - 2014Working to disambiguate the struggles that children with mentally ill parents face in school and society.
The Sapir CentreProgramme for ToleranceIsraelBridge Building1995A programme working to discourage intolerance and sectarianism in Jerusalem.
Tischlein deck dichSponsorship for Food DistributionSwitzerlandSocial Welfare2015 - 2018Saving food from being wasted and providing this to the needy in the region of Samedan.
TralalobeTralalobe Haus Wien JosefstadtAustriaMigration & Integration2018The Furnishing of a renovated house for refugees in Vienna.
Tree of Life InternationalNeeds4NeetsItalySocial Mobility2018 - 2019A project aiming to make young people with difficulties and migrants aware of their capabilities and opportunities they have and give them instruments to face life's challenges.
Universal Education FoundationModernising EducationIsraelEducation2007An initiative in modernising the education system.
Universitätsspital BaselNot-Smoking is CleverSwitzerlandHealthcare2017A non-smoking campaign for Basel students between 12 and 14 years of age.
Verein "Tischlein deck dich"Food BankSwitzerlandSocial Welfare2012The provision of food to the poor and needy in Samedan.
Verein Africa Amini AlamaSchool Fees, Books and Uniforms for OrphansTanzaniaEducation2015 - 2016Enabling 18 orphans to attend school without costs in the Arusha region of Tanzania.
Verein BBAIntegration for the DisabledAustriaSocial Welfare2011The redesigning of a workshop for people with and without disabilities.
Verein GedenkdienstYouth Civil ServiceAustriaEducation2008The provision of administrative costs for 3 youth civil servants going abroad to work on social projects centred around the holocaust.
Verein Grow TogetherPlaygroup for Underprivileged ChildrenAustriaSocial Mobility2016 - 2019Supporting a special playgroup for children of families at risk in Vienna.
Verein Immo HumanaProviding Housing for single Mothers with ChildrenAustriaSocial Welfare2016An Vienna-based organisation helping single mothers and their children to overcome housing emergencies.
Verein Mali ProjektMedical SuppliesMaliHealthcare2009, 2012 - 2013The provision of medical supplies to those who need them in three villages in Mali.
Verein Menschen für MenschenTechnical Vocational Education and Training for Rural YouthEthiopiaEducation2017Providing access to good quality technical vocational education and training for 400 young people per year in this remote rural area of the Mehure District, Ethiopia.
Verein MovimentoDisability-Friendly BusSwitzerlandSocial Welfare2012The provision of a disability-friendly bus for the clients of Movimento, an organisation supporting the disabled in Samedan.
Verein NEVE HANNA SchweizMulticultural Theatre WeekSwitzerlandBridge Building2017A week of theatre in Switzerland for Islamic and Jewish children from Israel.
Verein SonnendachRenovation of the "Snoezelen" RoomAustriaSocial Welfare2016The refurbishing of a room for severely disabled children in a special home in the Hollabrunn area.
Verein StartquartierStarting Costs for StartquartierAustriaMigration & Integration2016 - 2018Supporting an initiative which provides housing and integration support for up to 24 Syrian seekers of asylum in Baden bei Wien.
Verein Tauscheria SüdbündenTrading CommunitySwitzerlandSocial Welfare2010 - 2011A trade and barter community for services in the Graubünden region.
Verein the ConnectionLieLa German CourseAustriaMigration & Integration2017 - 2018Helping refugees integrate into their new living situation in Austria by providing basic German knowledge through the proven Liechtenstein Languages method.
Vielmehr für Alle!PROSAAustriaMigration & Integration2017A special programme for 150-180 students with flight experiences between the ages of 15 and 25 into the PROSA programme, which helps them to get their international diploma and therefore quicken the integration process.
Vision FoundationSponsoring Cataract OperationsIndiaHealthcare2001 - 2018Providing around 800 cataract operations annually to patients unable to afford them in the area of Udaipur, Rajasthan.
Visioneers (World Access For The Blind)Visioneer Festival in AustriaAustriaAccessibility2018Creating a Visioneer Ambassador group/community that will co-create a Visioneer Festival (or series of Visioneer events) in Austria.
VisoparentsPlaygroups for Visually Impaired ChildrenSwitzerlandSocial Welfare2004 - 2006, 2009The provision of regular supervised playgroups for visually impaired children.
Vogelschutzverein EngadinBird Habitat ProtectionSwitzerlandEducation1991Working for the creation of local bird habitats in Engadin.
Voluntary Services OverseasImproving Maternal and New-born Primary Health ServicesEthiopiaHealthcare2017Improving access to quality maternal, new-born and child health services in efforts to reduce maternal and neonatal deaths in the Oromia region of Ethiopia.
Women Against ViolenceAddressing DiscriminationIsraelBridge Building2011The provision of ground-breaking projects addressing the existing discrimination faced by Palestinian women living in Israel.
Women's Hope InternationalMidwifery EducationEthiopiaHealthcare2017 - 2018Giving mothers to be better access to professional maternal health services; helping in turn to prevent childbirth complications.
Women's Place of South NiagaraRenovation and ModernisationCanadaSocial Welfare2014The renovation and modernisation of the women's shelter in Niagara.
World VisionHealth Station RenovationMozambique and Sierra LeoneHealthcare2009 - 2012The renovation of a small health station in Fiama Chiefdom.
WUK SchülerinnenschuleTraining for Students with DyslexiaAustriaEducation2005 - 2009An experimental four-year specialized dyslexia training programme in a small alternative school.
Österreichisch Kaukasische Ges./FrauenratSupport for Chechen WomenAustriaSocial Welfare2010 - 2015The provision of social support to Chechen women in Vienna.
Österreichische BlindenwohlfahrtÖBW HeimbusAustriaAccessibility2018Supporting the purchasing of a bus for the Austrian Blind Welfare foundation to enable excursions for those living at the care home.
Asinitas OnlusTurning Points ItalyMigration / Integration2018 - 2020A social integration project dedicated to migrants, asylum seekers and refugees in Rome with specific focuses in language acquisition, access to social, training and job opportunities and community building.
Borderfree AssociationHouse of RescueSerbiaMigration & Integration2019 - 2021Support for a secure, transitory children’s home for unaccompanied refugee and migrant children under the age of 15 in Serbia, thereby ensuring a safe home and providing them with access to education and age-appropriate leisure activities.
Diakonie Flüchtlingsdienst gem. GmbHJEFIRA - Intercultural Psychotherapy Centre for refugeesAustriaMigration / Integration2017 - 2020A culturally sensitive psychotherapy centre for refugees in Lower Austria.
Diakonie Flüchtlingsdienst gem. GmbHAmberMed - ClearingstelleAustriaSocial Mobility2017 - 2020The provision of orientation and support to uninsured patients prior to medical treatment.
Empowerment Through Integration (ETI)Empowerment and Inclusion of Youth with Visual Impairments in Lebanon through Specialized ProgramsLebanonAccessibility2020 - 2020Development and implementation of virtual specialized training for youth with visual impairments and families in Lebanon.
Glocal RootsWe Are One CenterGreeceMigration / Integration 2020The Provision of a safe space in which refugee women (and their babies) have the opportunity to spend the day, acquire new skills, partake in activities, gain access to information and specific items and to get medical, psychosocial, and legal support; thereby fostering resilience.
Jiyan Foundation for Human RightsTrauma Treatment and Mental Health Education for Displaced Persons in SyriaSyriaMigration / Integration2020Support for the project aiming to enhance resilience of survivors of human rights violations and other vulnerable persons living in Hasakeh province (Northeast Syria) through community outreach, mental health education, specialized psychological and social assistance, and capacity building for project staff.
Maya Vakfi (Foundation)MHPSS focused Protection ServicesTurkeyAccessibility2021Providing a MHPSS focused child protection program whereby vulnerable and at-risk refugees and their specific needs are identified and addressed.
ROIA - Insani Vizyon DerneğiICT Academy - IstanbulTurkeySocial Mobility2019 - 2020A fully equipped training facility which ensures migrant and host community youth have access to education and livelihoods to help them gain sustainable employment.
Save the ChildrenRe-thinking inclusionAlbaniaAccessibility2020Community-based services for children and youth with disabilities.
Social Hackers AcademyDe.Code IntegrationGreeceMigration / Integration2020Developing the digital and soft skills of vulnerable people and connecting them with the IT Job Market, as a way towards their social and economic integration.

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