In celebration of Jungbunzlauer's 150 year jubilee in 2017, the Karl Kahane Foundation was given 6 million Swiss Francs in addition to the foundation's annual funding. This incredibly generous gift from Jungbunzlauer was put towards developing special Jungbunzlauer Jubilee Gift grants to be awarded to organisations showing excellence and innovation in each of the Karl Kahane Foundation's thematic focus areas: Accessibility, Migration / Integration and Social Mobility. The following is a list of our active Jungbunzlauer Jubilee Gift partners.

The Jungbunzlauer Jubilee Gift is not open to unsolicited grant applications. 
Teach for AustriaEarly Years ProgramJJG1: Social MobilityAustria2018 - 2023Teach for Austria’s Early Years Program follows the organisation’s general goal of allowing all children in Austria access to excellent education, regardless of their parents’ educational background or income. This particular program focuses on early education in order to get the most out of educational investments thereby bearing the highest “returns,” especially for children from low income backgrounds.
Doctors without Borders – Médecins Sans Frontières, Austrian SectionReconstructive Surgery Hospital, AmmanJJG2: Migration / IntegrationJordan2020 - 2023The Amman Reconstructive Surgery Program operates at a high scale, providing free treatment to patients referred from conflict zones across the region. The program takes a unique, comprehensive approach to treatment, combining orthopedic, maxillofacial or reconstructive plastic surgery with physiotherapy and psychosocial care. The goal of the program is beyond physical care, it is about quality of life, care, rehabilitation and reintegration.
Doctors without Borders – Médecins Sans Frontières, Austrian SectionArsal & Hermel clinics, Bekaa ValleyJJG2: Migration / IntegrationLebanon2020 - 2023The Bekaa valley hosts 341,691 registered Syrian refugees, but with the inclusion of non-registered refugees, the number is estimated around 512,536 displaced Syrian. Through these MSF clinics mortality and morbidities are reduced within the vulnerable population among Syrian refugees, vulnerable Lebanese and Palestinians. The vulnerable population affected by the Syrian crisis in Bekaa Valley has access to quality primary health care services linked to Non-communicable diseases (NCD), Mental Health (MH), Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) and acute pediatric.
Karin DomSupport for 7 Flagship accessibility projects in Bulgaria JJG3: AccessibilityBulgaria2020 - 2025Through the implementation of 7 flagships projects aimed at inclusive education, equality, parenting trainings and support, capacity building for institutions and kindergarten staff and community events, Karin Dom is working towards it’s vision of a more inclusive society in Bulgaria for special needs children and their families.
LumosYouth Advisory Board - Empowering Young People with Disabilities to Influence ChangeJJG3: AccessibilityBulgaria, Czech Republic, Moldova and Ukraine2020 - 2022The Youth Advisory Boards aim to improve young people’s opportunities, and break down the stigma experienced amongst children with disabilities, intellectual difficulties and those who have grown up in institutional care. Lumos is working with children and young people with lived experience to build their life skills and confidence, and empower them to influence decisions and bring about change on key issues, such as inclusion and care reform.

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