COVID-19 Relief Fund (CRF)

The Kahane Foundation's activities around COVID-19

In 2020, the Karl Kahane Foundation committed additional funding to combatting the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic within our geographic focus areas. The CRF was set up with the purpose of:
- Strengthening our partners in their work to mitigate the impact of the pandemic on daily operations and supporting them in COVID-19 response work.
- Strengthening civil society organisations in addressing the needs of their communities.

The CRF is no longer active or open to applications. 

CRF Projects

Save the Children SwitzerlandAlbaniaSupport for children with disabilities and their families which have been severely affected by the COVID-19 crisis in Albania in the form of food items, internet access and educational supplies
Karin DomAlbaniaSupport for the organisation during to the COVID-19 crisis including the provision of regular PCR and antigen testing for staff, PPE and the spreading of vaccine awareness
Behindertenhilfe Bezirk KorneuburgAustriaSupport to increase and adapt their services provided to people with disabilities
Verein HiketidesAustriaSupport for the organisation to increase capacity due the increasing need for psycho-therapeutic treatment of their clients during the COVID-19 pandemic
Caritas AustriaAustriaProvision of emergency sleeping places and quarantine facilities, support for the “food bank” for homeless people, increased social counselling services for poverty affected people, support for mother-child housing, increased distribution of food packages for households affected by poverty
Don Bosco
AustriaProvision of quarantine spaces
ESRA Psychosoziales ZentrumAustriaSupport for vulnerable members of the Jewish community with the provision of basic necessities
Haus der BarmherzigkeitAustriaPurchasing of two aid-tools to assist patients’ mobility, whilst keeping socially distant to care-givers
neunerhaus – Hilfe für obdachlose MenschenAustriaProvision of medical care, counselling, information on hygiene practices interpreted into different languages, as well as the provision of general information about the virus for homeless and uninsured people
Austrian Red CrossAustriaProvision of additional medical equipment and services
Verein the ConnectionAustriaSupport for the organisation as it faced a deficit due to the COVID-19 crisis
TralalobeAustriaProvision of virtual infrastructure for the underaged residents of their houses
Cafe HopeAustriaProviding support, a meeting place and hot meals for vulnerable people from various backgrounds
Austrian Red CrossAustriaGeneral support for the organisation and its efforts during the COVID-19 crisis
Caritas AustriaAustriaGeneral support for the organisation and its efforts during the COVID-19 crisis
Edukacija Za Sve / Education For All (EDUS)Bosnia and HerzegovinaDevelopment and provision of tailor-made learning kits for children with autism
IAMANEHBosnia and Herzegovina and AlbaniaSupport for IAMANEH's work in responding to increased gender based violence during the COVID-19 crisis in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Albania
IAMANEHBosnia and Herzegovina and AlbaniaSupport the continuity of Zemlja Djece core project "Advocacy and Counselling Centre for the Rights of the Child and Youth" during the COVID-19 pandemic
IDEA AssociationBulgariaSupport for Social Teahouse operations to retain their employees (individuals of vulnerable groups
Karin DomBulgariaSupporting children with autism and their families with the development and provision of tailor-made educational kits to use at home
Natsionalna Mrezha Za Detsata (National Network for Children)BulgariaSupport for the National Network of Children and member organisations in providing vulnerable families with clothing, food supplies and medicine and provision of PPE for field workers
We Remember Mogilino FoundationBulgariaSupport for group homes in cooperation with the We Remember Mogilino Foundation including the improvement of playground and sports facilities for children and adolescents with disabilities living in small group homes in Varna to allow safe play outdoors
neunerhausBulgariaGeneral support for the organisation and its efforts during the COVID-19 crisis
IDEA AssociationBulgariaSupport for the organisation as it faced a deficit due to the COVID-19 crisis
Plan International SwitzerlandEgyptProvision of cash grants to 135 Syrian refugee and vulnerable Egyptian host community entrepreneurs severely affected by the COVID-19 crisis in order to help them recover their businesses
AbribusFranceSupport and distribution of hot meals for homeless people and vulnerable populations in Strasbourg
Strasbourg Action SolidariteFranceIncreased provision of food items, medical care and shelter for homeless people
Caritas AlsaceFranceSupport for disadvantaged families and individuals in the Alsatian territory
Association «les Seignors de CADISEHO»FranceProvision of adapted care at the senior's residence including creating a virtual platform to combat isolation of residents
Katholisches Sozialzentrum ViernheimGermanyIncreased provision of food supplies and food deliveries to vulnerable people
Trägerverein JUZ Die KisteGermanySupporting vulnerable children with online tutoring, counselling sessions, and activities
Speyerer Tafel Deutsches Rotes KreuzGermanyIncreased provision of food items to vulnerable people
Johanniter-SeniorenhäuserGermanyCreating a virtual platform for the Johanniter Nursing home in Ladenburg to combat isolation of senior citizens
Central Institute for Mental HealthGermanyGeneral support for the organisation and its efforts during the COVID-19 crisis
Afghan community AthensGreeceOffering online legal advice to Afghan asylum seekers so as to overcome the problems posed by the COVID-19 pandemic
AitimaGreeceFree legal support for asylum seekers facing increasingly difficult legal processes due to COVID-19
Doctors without Borders Greece
GreeceIncreased medical support for vulnerable communities and refugees in Athens, on Samos and Lesbos
Echo100PlusGreeceSupport for the organisation as it faced a deficit due to the COVID-19 crisis and the provision of PPE and hygiene kits
European Programme for Integration and Migration (EPIM)GreeceSupporting EPIM grantees with pooled funding to keep their covid-19 response efforts running
Hands UpGreeceCreation of an app enabling accessibility to news, information and entertainment for people with disabilities
Help RefugeesGreeceProvision of emergency medical support for the Greek Islands
Me Alla MatiaGreeceDevelopment and implementation of a digital campaign to create awareness around increased exclusion of people with visual impairments during the COVID-19 crisis
METAdrasi – Action for Migration and DevelopmentGreeceProviding additional support to unaccompanied children during the COVID-19 Crisis
METAdrasi – Action for Migration and DevelopmentGreeceSupport for the organisation as it provides COVID-19 specific services including 24/7 interpretation and translation services for refugees and asylum seekers, a special emergency hotline and mobile unit for unaccompanied children, and an online classroom for Greek lessons
Mushkila KabiraGreeceSupport for Mushkila Kabira's project "Mobile Info Team" which supports refugees and asylum seekers in Greece with vital information and assistance for the full duration of their asylum procedure
PerpatoGreeceProvision of tele-health services in combination with home care for disabled people during Covid-19
Refugee Trauma InitativeGreeceSupport for community organisations to mitigate against the impact of COVID-19 on refugee mental health by hiring and training community carers
SKEPGreeceSupport for the creation of multiple online Disability and Diversity Awareness Programs for Primary and Secondary Education schools, Educators, Parents, Institutional bodies, companies, and the general public
TandemGreeceReducing the consequences of complete institutionalization on children and youth during Covid-19 and offering social and educational support through the Rehabilitation Center for Disabled Children (former PIKPA Voulas)
In Da HouseHungaryThe provision of extra support for Roma children unable to go to Kindergarten due to COVID-19 as they prepare for grade 1
In Da HouseHungaryConversion of a house into a community/family centre for disadvantaged children and families from the Roma communities
Next Step Hungary AssociationHungaryProvision of hygiene items, immune boosting supplements, and food items for refugees, migrants and people with disabilities
Next Step Hungary AssociationHungarySupport for the launching of a mental health assistance program to support beneficiaries, as the prolonged to the COVID-19 crisis has created a marked increase in depression
Hadassah Academic CollegeIsraelSupport for Arab students facing financial difficulties due to Covid-19
MEDUItalyMonitoring and containing the spread of Covid-19 in informal settlements and among vulnerable populations. Health care support for marginalized populations in Rome, Calabria and Florence
Asinitas OnlusItalyConverting Italian language classes for refugees and asylum seekers to online formats
DianovaItalySupport for installing Multimedia Labs in all Dianova's therapeutic communities
INTERSOSItalySupporting the INTERSOS24 initiative Support for the INTERSOS24 initiative as they provide health care outreach to homeless and migrant populations in Rome and the province of Foggia during the Covid-19 crisis
Casa di Amadou - JumpingItalyFinancial support for 5 beneficiaries in difficult conditions as a result of COVID-19 and support for the adaption of the programs vocational training courses to address increased demand for workers in the field of sanitation as well as increased support during the job search
IntersosItalySupport for INTERSOS's outreach activities around main aggregation areas and in informal settlements thereby reinforcing the existing reception system to help counter the negative impact of COVID-19
Caritas AustriaJordanProvision of cash grants to vulnerable families in Jordan
AmalaJordanSupport for the Amala High School Diploma pilot in its transition to online format in light of COVID-19 and provision of extra learning support and supplies to students struggling with this transition
Hilfswerk/Blue MissionLebanonProvision of food baskets and hygiene kits for 1.800 beneficiaries in South Lebanon, Saida area
Hilfswerk InternationalLebanonEmergency aid at eye level – innovative cash support for vulnerable families in Beirut and Tripoli
Women NOW for DevelopmentLebanonSupport for the organisation's work in mitigating increased in domestic violence during the COVID-19 crisis through the provision of safe spaces and psychosocial support for displaced women and girls in the Beqaa Valley, Lebanon
Desabiliteis – Associação SalvadorPortugalSupport for the Salvador Association during its fight to reduce the impact of the COVID-19 Crisis on persons with disabilities including the reinforcement of it's “Quality of Life Grants” direct aid programme and the development a psychosocial support programme
Border-FreeSerbiaIncreased provision of food and hygiene items to the vulnerable inhabitants of Loznica, and the Roma community
MPI Udruzenje (PIN - Psychosocial Innovation Network)SerbiaOnline support and counselling for refugees and the local population in Serbia affected by COVID-19 to ensure at least a minimum of support to these vulnerable groups during the pandemic
Skola DokoranSlovakiaCOVID-19 specific support for Roma children and their parents in the framework of Skola Dokoran's Toy for Inclusion project in Dolany-Roskovce
Stiftung Frauenhaus beider BaselSwitzerlandIncreased provision of emergency housing for women and children seeking shelter
Caritas SwitzerlandSwitzerlandSupport for people facing poverty and other hardships due to the Covid-19 pandemic in Switzerland
Crescenda SwitzerlandSupport for the organisation as it faced a deficit due to the COVID-19 crisis
Kinderspitex NordwestschweizSwitzerlandSupporting the hospital's services for highly at-risk children, as well as highly at-risk children infected with the covid-19 virus evacuated from the hospital, receiving treatment at home
Caritas SwitzerlandSwitzerlandGeneral support for the organisation and its efforts during the COVID-19 crisis
Sulukule Volunteers AssociationTurkeySupport for children and their families from disadvantaged neighbourhoods, which have been severely impacted by the COVID-19 crisis in Fatih, İstanbul
Tarlabaşı Community Support AssociationTurkeySupport for the organisation as it works to reduce the negative effects of the the COVID-19 crisis on children and adults living in Tarlabasi
Refugees and Asylum Seekers Assistance and Solidarity Association (RASAS)TurkeyProviding humanitarian aid, cash support, food packages and increasing awareness of COVID 19 among refugees and sharing reliable information through the refugees network
KODA (Köy Okulları Değişim Ağı)TurkeySupport in the establishment of an Information Sharing Network on Distance Learning and Public Health for Rural Areas of Turkey in order to strengthen COVID-19 adaptation and mitigation measures
Refugees and Asylum Seekers Assistance and Solidarity Association (RASAS)TurkeyGeneral support for the organisation and its efforts during the COVID-19 crisis
West London ZoneUnited KingdomAdditional support for 38 children in West London ensuring they have everything they need to flourish and achieve their goals during COVID -19
West London ZoneUnited KingdomGeneral support for the organisation and its efforts during the COVID-19 crisis
Doctors without Borders AustriaYemenAdditional medical support for MSF in Yemen
Fundacion Educacon para el Empleyo (EFE Yemen)YemenSupport for Education For Employment in Yemen in combating the socio-economic impact of COVID-19 through innovative soft and technical skills trainings and micro-entrepreneurial support, while also raising awareness about hygiene and prevention measures

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